"Free but lonely" was what the composer Schumann wanted to be and his words were more relevant than ever in 2020. The Leipzig composer and double bass player Carl Christian Wittig has made this motto the starting point for his latest work. Together with Fabiana Striffler (violin), Isabelle Klemt (cello) and Philip Frischkorn (piano) he forms an extended piano trio. The four musicians create sounds and music that connect the world of European classical music with the vast cosmos of musical improvisation. The ensemble project explores previously unknown terrain on several levels, between classical and contemporary music, between notation and improvisation and, as the title already suggests, between freedom and loneliness. "FAE" is a dialogue of young improvising artists with the classical heritage. In doing so, they develop an advanced sound language beyond the mainstream. A concert for fans of classical music as well as for friends of contemporary improvised chamber music.