CArl Wittig


Carl Wittig was born in Kronach in Bavaria and began his musical career on the piano. At the age of 13 he switched to the double bass. He first received lessons at the Robert Schumann Conservatory in Zwickau. Carl won a wide variety of prizes while still at school, including the German Radio Studio Prize with the band moments concept. He was also honored with this occupation by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on Talent Day 2014.


Carl studied double bass and composition with Pepe Berns, Matthias Eichhorn and Nils Wogram in "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" at the HMT Leipzig and at the HSLU Lucerne.


During his time in Lucerne he also passed the audition for the Bundesjazzorchester conducted by Jiggs Whigham and Niels Klein.


Since 2017, Carl Wittig has been increasingly involved in working with classical musicians. This is expressed in his work with his ensemble the Aurora Octet


                          Carl Wittigs Aurora Oktett - RECORD RELEASE on nWog Records   

                                              Record Release Tour 


08.04.2022                Pohrsdorf, Saxstall

10.04.2022                 Aub, Ars Musica

11.04.2022                  Darmstadt, Stadtkirche

12.04.2022                 München, Unterfahrt

13.04.2022                 Leipzig, Jazzclub


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