Carl Wittig's Aurora Oktett

                       Photo by Florian Fries

With his Aurora Oktett,  Carl Christian Wittig founded an ensemble that moves freely both in jazz and in the classical tradition. The ensemble effortlessly integrates string quartet and jazz quartet. The resulting broad repertoire of timbres and the multifaceted compositions make the Aurora Octet one of the most interesting interdisciplinary ensembles in Germany.


In winter 2022, the ensemble, conducted by Carl Christian Wittig, released its debut album Perspective Suite on nWog Records. The main idea of the current album is to look at life and the problems that come with it from a different perspective. In other words, music that deals with instability and also has moments of consolation.


Carl Wittig - Double Bass

Anna Prysiaznik - Violin

Pascal Klewer - Trumpet

Ada Schwengebecher - Violin

Tom Friedrich - Drums

Matti Oehl - Saxophon

Franziska Ludwig - Cello

Marie Schutrak - Viola